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Astra Pro is a WordPress Plugin distributed by Astra Pro plugin is an add-on for the Astra WordPress Theme. It offers premium features & functionalities that enhance your theming experience at next level.

Astra Pro Addon Features:

  • Transparent Header
    Create gorgeous looking transparent headers and make your website stand out!
  • Better Typography
    Get more control over the fonts and readability of your website with this module.
  • Sticky Header
    Let your header be easily accessible even when users scroll down.
  • Dynamic Hooks
    Add your custom content or shortcode conditionally at any hook location.
  • Page Headers
    Design attractive Page Title area with breadcrumb, meta fields and other cool options.
  • Advanced Footer
    Get more footer widget areas and creative designs with Advanced Footer module.
  • More Color Controls
    Get freedom to tweak color of every element on the website, directly from the customizer.
  • Scroll to Top Link
    Add a Scroll to Top Link on your long pages for better user experience.
  • Header Sections
    Introduces more areas in the header for creating complex header layouts.
  • White Label
    Keep information in the WordPress backend simple under your brand.
  • Spacing Control
    This module will help you customize the spacing between theme elements.
  • More Header Designs
    Creative and unique header layouts to make your websites stand out from the crowd.
  • Mega Menu
    Create gorgeous mega menu for your sites that need more space for navigation.
  • WooCommerce Designer
    Have complete control over WooCommerce templates. Customize with easy options.
  • Blog Layouts
    Build amazing blog layouts. Offers options for grid layout, author bio, pagination, etc.
  • Site Layouts
    Get more layout options for your website like boxed, fluid and padded.

Astra Theme Insights:

Google Page Speed Insights Score:
First Contentful Paint (FCP) Mobile2.9s
First Input Delay (FID) Mobile244ms
First Contentful Paint (FCP) Desktop2.5s
First Input Delay (FID) Desktop12ms

Astra Google PageSpeed Insights Mobile Test

Astra Google PageSpeed Insights Desktop Test

Gtmetrix Page Speed Score:
Page SpeedB (87%)
YSlowB (80%)
Fully Load Time1.6s
Total Page Size1.55MB

Astra GTmetrix Performance Report B (87%) B (80%)

Pingdom Page Speed Score:
Performance GradeB 85
Page Size1.7MB
Load Time2.02s

Astra Pingdom Test

AMP Ready?
YesAstra is using addon to make Theme amp ready
Mobile Responsive?
YesAstra is fully mobile responsive wordpress theme
DOM size
Less then 1000Astra having less then 1000 DOM elements which is good for page speed
SEO Ready?
YesAstra comes with inbuilt Schema markup and meta tags support.
Request Count
77Astra as per Google PageSpeed insights we found Astra has 77 requests count which can be improved using cache plugin.
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