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CSS Igniter Loge WooCommerce Theme

CSS Igniter Loge WooCommerce Theme v1.8.2 by Cssigniter Download Now
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  • Item Version : v1.8.2
  • Updated : March 14, 2021
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WPPremiumFree.com – CSS Igniter Loge is a WooCommerce Theme being distributed by Cssigniter.

The perfect WooCommerce theme for retailers. Whether you’re selling high-street fashion, beauty products, or home accessories, Loge will just stand out of the way letting your products shine.


CSS Igniter Loge WooCommerce Theme

CSS Igniter Loge WooCommerce Theme 
 - December 14, 2020
Compatibility: WordPress 5.5.3 ” 5.6.2 - WooCommerce 4.8.0+
List of changes between loge  and 
* UPDATED: Update WooCommerce blocks for 4.8.0 support
  M base/customizer-controls/style.css
  M base/customizer-controls/style.min.css
  M css/admin/widgets.css
  M css/admin/widgets.min.css
  M css/base.css
  M css/base.min.css
  M css/inc/_ecommerce.scss
  M style.css
  M style.min.css* Updated language file.
* Changed version to 1.8.2
  M languages/ci-theme.pot
  M style.css
  M style.min.css
  M style.scss

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