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Lazyline Innovative Lazy-Load – LQIP WordPress Plugin

Lazyline Innovative Lazy-Load - LQIP WordPress Plugin v1.4 by Codecanyon Free Download
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  • Item Version : v1.4
  • Updated : September 19, 2023
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WPPremiumFree.comLazyline Innovative Lazy-Load – LQIP is a WordPress Plugin being distributed by Codecanyon.

Compatible with WordPress 5.8 GDPR ready Lazyline Innovative Lazy-Load & LQIP WordPress Plugin Lazyline is a lightweight and flexible WordPress Plugin that speeds up your website by deferring the loading of your below-the-fold images, videos, and iframes to when they will enter the viewport. It’s written in plain vanilla JavaScript, it leverages the Intersection Observer API, supports responsive images, optimizes your website for slower connections, and can enable native lazy loading. LQIP (Low Quality Image Placeholders) Lazyline provides a powerful placeholder generator for your images. It allows you to create low-quality placeholders and display them instead of full-size imag

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