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WPMU DEV Forminator Pro

WPMU DEV Forminator Pro v1.15.14 by Wpmudev Download Now
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  • Updated : May 9, 2022
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WPPremiumFree.com – WPMU DEV Forminator Pro is a WordPress Plugin being distributed by WPMUdev.

Say Hellooo to the first completely free, completely magical, and completely expandable forms plugin for WordPress! From basic contact forms and surveys to interactive polls with real-time results and no wrong answer Facebook-style quizzes, Forminator is the WordPress form builder for, well, everyone.

Forminator is the easiest (and free-est!) drag and drop form building plugin for WordPress. Make your site come alive with interactive quizzes, polls, and forms. Collect information, connect with your audience and make money with Forminator Pro.

WPMU DEV Forminator Pro

April 5, 2021 - 
Improvement: Add search option to listing pages for forms, polls and quizzes
Improvement: Mailchimp integration markup and content
Improvement: Load Select2 and Moment JS files conditionally
Improvement: Markup for some of the fields is incorrect
Improvement: Notify users of popups when forminator form is submitted
Fix: Select field throws JS errors
Fix: Calculations not updated when visibility condition is triggered
Fix: ReCaptcha 3 not displayed on Divi theme
Fix: Submitting form with no date chosen in date picker field returns an error
Fix: Select fields are broken when NONE style is selected
Fix: Conflict with Neira theme causes double select field drop downs
Fix: Stripe and Date picker icons are using wrong custom colors
Fix: Form's status displays as usual even with high contrast mode enabled
Fix: Wrong selectors in Custom Css option
Fix: Issues when Time Picker field when Default time set to 0
Fix: Poll Answer text color settings are not applied on front-end
Fix: Retake Quiz Button is missing on Knowledge quiz
Fix: Visibility issues with Name field with multiple fields enabled
Fix: Merge tag {all_fields} doesn't include all fields
Fix: Response message on form submit gets cut off due to wrong auto scroll
Fix: Issue with the Calendar position at the Limits tab of Date-picker field
Fix: Poll's container border not displayed on front-end
Fix: Poll's Email notifications merge tags missing curly brackets
Fix: Poll's Email notification CC and BCC auto complete doesn't show any results
Fix: On multi site, when you connect and install FortressDB, it doesn't auto-search plugin for easy install.
Fix: Custom font is not applying on Upload file button text and upload file text through appearance tab
Fix: Remove submission doesn't work in Global Account Erasure Requests
Fix: From name and From address doesn't override default ones
Fix: Validation not working for ""Sitename"" in register form for Multisite
Fix: Amp character getting url_encoded in redirect URL
Fix: ADA compliance/accessibility issue
Fix: Forminator multiple type + Specific filetypes dont accept uppercase file extensions
Fix: IP Retention doesn't work properly
Fix: Conflict with Hustle select
Fix: Conflicts with WP User Front-end and VikBooking plugin
Fix: Second visibility rule is not being applied
Fix: Address field printed incorrectly in submission email
Fix: Issues with decimal places
Fix: If there are Name and IP Address in GDPR content text, then it's not showing the details on front-end and email
Fix: Collected leads count not showing correct number
Fix: Inline message after submission not breaking lines on P element
Fix: Wrong form displayed on View Stats on Dashboard
Fix: Reset tracking data not working after edit any module
Fix: Additional CSS class not added for Hidden field
Fix: ReCapcha is not returning invalid if you try to submit empty required fields first
Fix: Signature link overflows outside the container
Fix: Different calculation results in front-end and submission entry from hidden select field
Fix: Payments processed even for spam entries
Fix: ""0"" is not a valid select drop down value
Fix: Wrong years in Date picker drop down
Fix: Signature issues on Windows PC Touch Screen
Fix: Radio field shows value instead of label in submission
Fix: JS errors in console from Post Data field
Fix: Security vulnerabilities
Other minor enhancements/fixes

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