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WPPremiumFree.com – AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin+ All Addons Pack is a WordPress Plugin being distributed by Affiliatewp.

Easily create your full-featured affiliate program on WordPress. Youre here because you want an affiliate marketing solution that works. AffiliateWP is an easy-to-use, reliable WordPress plugin that gives you the affiliate marketing tools you need to grow your business and make more money.

Affiliate marketing will grow your business Rank higher. Boost traffic. Earn more money.

Easy setup

Your affiliate program will be up and running in minutes. Simply install and activate and youre ready to go!

Accurate affiliate tracking

AffiliateWP tracks affiliate referrals reliably, even on servers with aggressive caching.

  • AffiliateWP Stripe Payout
  • AffiliateWP Forms for Gravity Forms
  • AffiliateWP Zapier
  • AffiliateWP Tiered Rates
  • AffiliateWP Recurring Referrals
  • AffiliateWP Direct Link Tracking
  • AffiliateWP REST API Extended
  • Affiliatewp Signup Referrals
  • AffiliateWP Custom Affiliate Slugs
  • AffiliateWP Lifetime Commissions
  • AffiliateWP Pushover Notifications
  • AffiliateWP Leaderboard
  • AffiliateWP External Referral Links
  • AffiliateWP Product Rates 1.2
  • AffiliateWP Landing Pages
  • AffiliateWP Info
  • AffiliateWP Area Short codes 1.3
  • AffiliateWP Dashboard Sharing
  • AffiliateWP Area Tabs 1.4
  • AffiliateWP Sign up Bonus
  • AffiliateWP Force Pending Referrals
  • AffiliateWP Allowed Products
  • AffiliateWP Portal
  • AffiliateWP PayPal Payouts
  • AffiliateWP Checkout Referrals
  • AffiliateWP Multi Level
  • AffiliateWP Crypto (By Click Studio)
  • AffiliateWP Forms For Ninja Forms

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GPL 2.0







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Last Update: February 3, 2024
Relased: January 23, 2024
license GPL 2.0
Updates Instant
Version v2.20.0
Author Affiliatewp